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Nutrition for Dairy

Infinity Feeds, LLC offers the best manufacturers in the industry which includes Land O'Lakes products by Purina. Our products offer you a beneficial range of nutritionally superior and research-proven feed products, all backed by the Purina commitment to quality and our guarantee of satisfaction. We’ll also work with you to balance or supplement your local forages to determine the best complete feed or concentrate for your specific herd requirements.

The staff at Infinity Feeds, LLC will meet with you and offer solutions to provide:

  • Herd Health
  • Feed Rationing
  • Reproductive Needs
  • Milk Protein
  • Milk Production
  • Levels of Butter Fat
  • Digestive Effectiveness

Infinity Feeds, LLC is your strong community partner located in central Wisconsin. It's a partnership that gives you more vitality to your animals, your business and, ultimately, to your community. Click here for a list of services. 

Lamb Management
Infinity Feeds, LLC partnered with Land O'Lakes is proud to offer New and Improved Ultra Fresh lamb milk replacer to the sheep industry. Infinity Feeds, LLC is eager to continue our role as a leader in helping sheep producers maximize profit potential.
Calves, foals, kids and lambs all need healthy nutrition to set the stage for later productivity. Since 1951, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company has been committed to creating the best milk replacers from the best technologies and quality ingredients.
Plan ahead to have LAND O'LAKES® Ultra Fresh® Lamb Milk Replacer ready for your lambs. Ultra Fresh is even better now , thanks to the new and improved formula that includes complex carbohydrate Beta glucan, which can help to promote improved gut health and stronger immunity protection for your lambs.
Nutrition for Beef
Infinity Feeds has been helping livestock owners meet the demands of their beef herds. It is our goal to help you choose the best performance and livestock feed that matches your forage and cow nutrient requirements. Click here for our services.

The staff at Infinity Feeds, LLC will meet with you and offer solutions to provide: 

  • Rate of Gain
  • Fewer Days to Market
  • Herd Health
  • Meat Quality
  • Ration Balancing
  • Less Feed per Pound of Gain



Swine Nutrition
Infinity Feeds, LLC offers feeds are designed to maximize the return on investment potential from your breeding stock from Land O’Lakes and Purina. The nutrient balance provided by our suppliers’ feeds supports lower breeding herd replacement costs by optimizing herd longevity through nutrition.
Swine producers rely on Land O’Lakes Purina Feed for feeding programs that are backed by industry-leading experts and consultants that offer services tailored to maximize the value of their feeding programs. Research-proven, quality feeds are the foundation of our swine feeding product lines.
We offer research-proven, high quality feeds and innovative technologies are the heart of our swine feeding product lines. Partnering with Land O’Lakes Feed and Purina assures producers of high quality feed and nutritional products for pork production.
The staff at Infinity Feeds, LLC will meet with you and offer solutions to provide:
  • Rate of Gain
  • Maximize Litter Weaning Weights
  • Nutrition and Weaning Age

354 Morrow Street
Seymour, WI 54165
Phone: (920) 833-2349 or (800) 686-1336 


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